Why Criminal Justice Degree Courses Promise an Exciting Career

A career in the criminal justice field can be difficult, stressful and dangerous. However, obtaining a degree in the justice industry can be extremely rewarding. Being involved with the trials, convictions, arrests, apprehension and incarceration of criminals can be both exciting and gratifying. The area of criminal justice is currently in need of talented, professional and dedicated law enforcement officers, crime scene investigators, prison guards, justice administrators, judges, probation officers and prosecutors. This demand has resulted in an increase of criminal justice training degrees and certification programs from a variety of reputable schools and colleges, like the Berks Technical Institute.

It can be difficult to choose the type of college training that best fits you. How do you know if you’re an ideal candidate for an education in criminal justice?

  • Are you interested in criminology, criminal behavior and the justice system? Do you possess a strong fascination with laws, regulations and crime statistics?
  • Are you willing to dedicate time to intensive training courses and concentrated classes that study crime theory, criminal behavior and various other elements that comprise a criminal justice career education?

Those who wish to enroll in criminal justice classes will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of careers. Students may elect to focus their education on forensic psychology, homeland security, forensic science, law enforcement, juvenile delinquency, private investigations and victim counseling.

Criminal justice certification training allows students to obtain a solid comprehension of the justice industry. Students are able to become familiar with the many different elements of justice operations, such as:

  • The court system – how it works, its rules and regulations, its function during a criminal court case, the important roles that various justice workers play during a trial
  • Law enforcement operations – its importance in society, its many strengths and weaknesses, how it has changed over a period of time, its place in the modern criminal justice system, its modern place in society
  • Collecting and preserving evidence – how the collection of physical evidence and science and investigative methods have developed and changed, how scientific advances have dramatically changed the way we look at crime scenes
  • Crime Lab operations – the importance of the precise nature of investigative techniques, how to avoid evidence contamination, why and how certain methods are used, how highly-advanced scientific techniques have changed and can be improved
  • Prisons and correctional institutions – their everyday operations, how they help inmates and prisoners, behavior control, the basic functions of different types of security levels
  • Recreating crime scenes – this fascinating new branch of crime scene investigation examines the crime scene by analyzing the exact manner in which it was found

School degrees in criminal justice allow graduates to choose positions that are both academic and career-focused, allowing entry-level job-seekers to choose various positions in the law enforcement, justice administrations and corrections fields.

Online Criminal Justice Degree – Provide Security, Safety and Law Enforcement

A career in criminal justice and law enforcement can be yours when you attend and graduate from an online or distance learning criminal justice college education program. You can become a police officer, work for the FBI, and work in homeland security or for the secret service. You can own a private security company, do private investigation, or be a security guard. The field of law enforcement is varied.

Associates, bachelors and masters degree programs are available at many online college programs. An online college website can provide you with information you need to start your career, such as curriculum, costs, financial aid options, and schools.

The curriculum may include classes in principles, planning and procedures, safety, tactical communication, international and domestic terrorism, security measures, emergency planning, intelligence gathering and analysis, and vulnerability assessment. Theory of crime, dispute resolution, role of drugs and crime, child abuse and neglect, are also included in some online criminal justice programs. Basic emergency medical skills may also be part of the law enforcement and criminal justice online curriculum.

The average salary for a police officer in 2003 was $45,000. For the DEA, Secret Service, US Marshall salaries vary from 25 to 50 thousand dollars. The average salary in the FBI is $39,000 to $48,000. With advancement the annual salary can increase to $106,000. Security guards generally make $21 to 28,000.

Statistics indicate that higher wages go hand-in-hand with advanced education levels. So whether you just want to start a career in criminal justice or law enforcement , or already working as a criminal justice professional, starting an academic career or advancing an academic career means more financial security, more job opportunity and more job satisfaction.

An online degree in criminal justice can be earned on your own time. As long as you have access to a computer you can complete assignments anytime. You will have access to your instructor, your classmates, library resources, and technical services via blogs, e-mail, and other online systems.

West Virginia Colleges – Criminal Justice Degrees and Crime Scene Investigation CSI

This year the career school industry is booming. The programs that are hottest and provide most growing job projections through 2010 are: Criminal Justice, CSI, Medical Assistant Training, and Business Administration.

Than there are the degree programs that have withstand the test of time as providing graduates with several job occupation fields to fill. These are degrees such as: Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, and Information Technology.

Today I want to go over the hottest West Virginia college degree programs and what kind of careers they provide graduates entering the job market:

Criminal Justice Degrees have been around for some time now, and most people prefer having a degree of this nature for a law enforcement occupation such as: a Homeland Security Administrators, Correctional Officers, and Juvenile Justice. Other CJ careers that are common include: Institutional corrections, and security.

Criminal Justice Degrees offered in the West Virginia colleges are: Associate’s in Criminal Justice, Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, and Masters in CJ. There are some other minor changes that colleges have made to the Master degree programs in Criminal Justice but for the most part the focus is on the same curriculum.

Crime Scene Investigation: CSI Degrees are really popular especially with the help from T.V shows surrounding its career field. People who are interested in obtaining a career in crime scene investigation usually acquire it from the CBS Television program called “CSI”. One college that comes to mind that offers this program is West Virginia University and the degree program is called “Criminology and Investigations”. Other schools that offer CSI programs are: Salem International University, ITT Tech, Mountain State University, and Marshall University.

Stay tuned for more information about great education programs.

Getting Your Criminal Justice Degree From an Online College

With any degree program that it is offered online, the first thing you should become aware of is what the essentials of that degree program are and whether online accreditation will work for you in your chosen profession.

With criminal justice online colleges, the qualifications offered online range from post-graduate diplomas to doctorate degrees. And these online colleges offer a wide range of programs depending on where your interests lie. CNBC recently reported that more employers are looking favorably on online degrees due to the accreditation of these degrees by universities and colleges. So, it is important that when searching for the right criminal justice program and school for you, make sure the college is accredited.

The reasons that accreditation of your criminal justice degree is so important are:

  1. The quality of your education is ensured;
  2. accredited online colleges improve their standards of teaching in order to be accredited;
  3. There is accountability of online colleges to its students and the standards used; and
  4. Accreditation allows a student and prospective employees to be confident of a quality education.

Essentially, a criminal justice program should teach you the components of a country’s criminal legal system, the relevant laws or legislation that govern practice and procedure, basic process from arrest to conviction, elements of crime and standards of proof required for conviction. Following the teaching of these basics, a student will then pick field or specialty. This can range from national security to narcotics or even correctional institutions, depending on what you want to specialize in. It is within the area of specialty that the student will learn in detail the legislation relating to their field of study, the processes of investigation through to conviction, in particular evidence required for conviction and the appropriate methods of obtaining this evidence through investigation.

There are many online colleges that offer criminal justice degrees but the leading online colleges with accreditation can be found on various educational sites. Amongst the favorites is Kaplan University which is accredited by the commission on institutions of higher education by the north central association of colleges and schools and offers many degree programs including criminal justice, computer crime, crime scene investigation, juvenile justice, global issues in criminal justice and policing.  Another online college accredited to commission on institutions of higher education by the north central association of colleges and schools is the University of Phoenix which offers also a range of criminal justice programs for human service, institutional healthcare and management.

So whether it’s a diploma or doctorate degree that you’re seeking, online colleges offering criminal justice programs may be the way for you to go in the event that you want flexibility to your attaining your qualifications. Online colleges allow keeping the job you have while getting qualified so it is an advantage to both the work force and the individual. But remember; make sure the college is accredited; this ensures you get a good education, a favorable outlook to future employers and gets you the bigger bucks.

Wanted: People to Fill Criminal Justice Degree Jobs

America has the largest incarceration rate compared to other countries, which makes for increased opportunity for those applying for criminal justice degree jobs. The length of time that criminals spend behind bars, America’s firm stance on illegal drugs, the long sentences offenders receive, and the comparative ease that someone can buy a gun, all combine for a system that will always need a fresh officer. According to a 2008 report by the International Center for Prison Studies at King’s College London, America has 2.3 million inmates. The criminal justice system needs educated and experienced law officers and administrators to keep the prison system functioning and to continue to keep America safe, from both domestic and foreign threats.

The first line of defense when it comes to fighting crime is the men and women that patrol the streets on a daily basis – police officers. These professionals most likely earned their respected criminal justice degree jobs through a combination of education and rigorous training.

Correctional officers keep order behind bars. As mentioned earlier, the amount of criminals behind bars far surpasses those of other countries, so it stands to reason that a comparable amount of correctional officers will be needed.

Police and detective supervisors are the administration side of police officers. They handle the complicated paperwork and make sure that things run smoothly at a police station. They work in conjunction with police officers, the criminal justice system and any other affiliate in their state government or federal government.

The people who investigate crimes are detectives and criminal investigators. They handle the interrogation and gather evidence to be used at court for trial. This field is seeing a large amount of expansion, upwards of 17 percent job growth.

There is a growing need for border patrol officers as well, especially in states like Texas, California and Arizona. These professionals need to have additional training to deal with the drug trafficking, violent crimes and illegal immigration that is so common along these borders. They can also be found throughout the US, especially where there is a lot of drug trafficking and crimes linked to foreign illegal immigrants.

In order to get a job in one of these fields, a criminal justice degree is needed. While places like police academies do train candidates, having a criminal justice degree in a related field will place a person higher than a person without. Online criminal justice colleges offer a perfect solution for those already in the field. A busy and oftentimes unusual schedule makes it difficult to attend a traditional ground school during the day, or even during the evening. To get one a step up in the criminal justice degree jobs ladder, a person already in the field can attend classes when it’s convenient for them and finish at their own pace. Criminal justice degree jobs are always going to be in demand – especially since the criminal justice system in America does not look likely to change.