Kaplan University Online Criminal Justice Degrees

Kaplan University offers online criminal justice degrees that can be earned from the comfort of your own home or office at the most convenient time possible for you. Kaplan understands the need for more professional law enforcement workers is growing day by day. Their online criminal justice degree program focuses on administration, management, crime investigation, and forensic sciences as well. They offer online programs to help you pursue your education and personal goals as well, without compromising your busy schedule or full time job. If you want to advance your career in law enforcement, private security, Kaplan has the degree program that is right for you.

For those that are seeking to advance in their specific field of criminal justice, their bachelor’s and master’s degree in program in criminal justice administration and management are perfect for helping graduates to apply their knowledge and skills to excel in diverse criminal and law enforcement work. However, if you want to specialize in a specific aspect of this field, such as computer crimes or criminology, Kaplan has many courses and programs to fit your needs. Their online course programs are comprehensive with educators that are professionals in their field with hands on experience to grand you the most up to date education possible.

With a degree in criminal justice, there are many careers you can pursue including patrol agents, paralegal, police officer, detective, etc. The salary you will be earning will depend strongly on your field of work and level of education. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2007 average salary for police officers was around $50,000, while supervisors and managers earned about $72,000 annually. They also state that the job outlook and opportunities will increase by about 11 percent to 2016, making many job opportunities available for graduates. If you would love to work in the law and crime field, you can turn your passion into a career with an accredited online degree in criminal justice.

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A Look At Criminal Justice Degrees

There are many good reasons for you to think about getting your criminal justice degrees. One of the best reasons behind you to register for a college that provides these programs is convenience. You will see that these courses are filled with students who just as interested in studying as you are. You will also see that these courses are small enough for all to feel comfortable and like they are getting the one to one help that they need.

It is also an excellent option for you to look at a school that will take your associated diploma and/or earlier credits and transfer them to your coursework. A school that will accomplish this is truly serious about seeing you advance and reach your goals in this field?

Another great thing about registering in criminal justice degrees programs is that you can choose to enjoy classes on the internet or in an old-fashioned class room. Being able to complete this will help have overall flexibility in your routine. If you currently have employment or little ones it can be tricky for you to attend courses in a standard setting.

This is why it is important how the program you choose can accommodate timing so that you can start out their program, and finish it. Numerous individuals that are in your training will be in the same scenario as you and all this can help you understand your associates. This assists you to experience more confidence and simplicity in this situation. You’ll increase the chances of finishing the course that you are taking.

There are various jobs you could attain once you’ve efficiently finished your program. You can acquire a career in law enforcement, like a cop or sheriff deputy. These are generally terrific jobs along with your degree you can development more in these career fields.

You should utilize criminal justice degrees to be effective in parole or probation. You may work in these great paying fields and work together with both children and adults. Once you are in these fields you will see that you are truly trained and competent at carrying out your job. This will make you satisfied with the education you have attained.

There is an expense in terms of your education. You will discover that acquiring criminal justice degrees courses can be costly, but there are many ways to look at it. You are making a smart investment in your near future. Taking this course provides on your behalf plus your kids.

Paying for school can be pleasing. You will feel feeling of accomplishment. If you already have a job in this area, then you can use this education as a instrument for moving up in your job. You can increase the likelihood that you will get promotions and when you do receive them, you will be confident that you can perform your job duties properly.

Career Opportunities With A Criminal Justice Degree

A recently watched crime thriller doesn’t seem to get out of your mind. Captivated by its swift action, you decide you want to pursue a career in criminal justice. It sounds an impulsive decision to others, but for some reason you’ve always identified yourself with those men in black.

The field of criminal justice is a wide one; it encompasses varied vocations and offers numerous employment opportunities. The rapid development in surveillance techniques and use of technology has further diversified this profession. If you’re serious about a career in this line of work, you may want to read further. This short article discusses the different criminal justice degree jobs.

What is Criminal Justice?

The profession of criminal justice revolves around aspects such as law enforcement, administration of social justice, fair retribution to victims of a crime, prosecution support and investigation, resolution and prevention of crimes.

Educational Qualifications

You need a formal college education to qualify for careers in this area. Institution specific procedural instruction includes certificate courses (few weeks), associate degrees (two years), bachelors’ degrees (four years) and post-graduate degrees. The coursework covers a diverse range of subjects. At the center, it includes training in law enforcement, police work, court systems, probation systems and political setup. A student also studies subjects such as psychology, sociology, cultural studies and communications as these disciplines are closely linked to crime and help correct societal issues.

The level of education depends on the job title you intend to apply for. The short-duration certificate courses train a student in basic skills – knowledge of laws and law enforcement, weapon handling and investigative techniques. The minimum requirement for federal jobs is an associate or bachelor’s degree. However, if you wish to teach, you will have to study further and enroll for a post-graduate or doctorate degree. Besides formal college education, you will also have to undergo on-job training.

One can start preparing for a career in this line of work when still in high school. Many institutions offer criminal justice is offered as an optional subject. An education adviser or counselor will help you decide on the course you should take.

Criminal Justice Degree Jobs

Individuals holding a degree in criminal justice can seek employment at federal agencies, law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities. Persons with a major in this field usually find employment at investigating agencies such as CIA or the FIB. There are placements at other federal agencies such as those that regulate the possession of firearms and other banned substances; those that collect taxes and customs on imported goods; and those that prevent the illegal trafficking of drugs. Bailiffs, probation officers, clerks of court, forensic scientists, police officers, criminologists and crime scene investigators are other criminal justice degree jobs.

While on one hand there are professionals that get their hands dirty with crime investigations and law implementation, there are others who review the system and advocate necessary changes in the current laws. Some also work to reform offenders so that they can lead a better life. Lawyers and paralegals work within the judiciary capacity of this discipline.

Criminal Justice Degrees Online

Sadly, the world of crime isn’t going anywhere and individuals trained in law, criminal activity, and more are needed. Criminal justice degrees can be obtained online in a variety of careers. Enrolling in an online degree program will place prospective students in an experienced field and give them the knowledge required to work in an assortment of areas.

Criminal justice is the social science that aims to expose the patterns of criminals and their behavior. The goal is to control this behavior by studying crime, criminals, social order, psychology, forensic science, urban studies, and more. Criminal justice professionals center on definitions, causes, and prevention of crime by using the legal system to treat and rehabilitate criminals. Students enrolled in programs will learn how to do this and more.

Criminal justice programs will explore and teach students about legal systems, punishment of crimes, and ethics of behavior. With the field becoming more complex individuals must gain an education to be an active member of the industry. Online education can prepare students through coursework to become police officers, detectives, probation officers, correctional officers, security guards, and more. Each of these positions will have students studying American law and learning about society, which will enable them to perform their job duties successfully.

An associate’s to a master’s degree can be obtained to help accomplish an individual’s goals. Most criminal justice careers do not require a masters, however a masters degree will be beneficial to obtain a promotion to an administrative position. A bachelor’s degree program will teach students the hypothetical and practical knowledge needed for crime control. This knowledge is applied to both adult and juvenile corrections. Typical courses taken will include criminology, introduction to criminal justice, security administration, juvenile justice system, and more. A typical bachelor’s program will consist of 120 credit hours. Prices will vary but programs may cost around $500 per credit hour. Other fees like textbooks and technology fees are usually listed as additional fees.

Educated individuals have a wide range of career options. The most known criminal justice professional is the police officer. Their work responsibilities will vary depending on what justice system they work for. On a smaller scale police officers will handle all aspects of the job from patrolling to paperwork. Police work encompasses a wide range of activities and will have them performing numerous tasks all of which can be learned from an online education. A degree in criminal justice requires a certain type of person to be able to handle the job. Employers often want to know if the person they are hiring is physically and mentally fit.

There are certain questions you can ask yourself to see if you are prepared or really want to be a part of this field because employers want people with these qualities. These questions include, are you physically fit, are you an honest person with a clean background, are you able to handle large amounts of responsibility, and are you self-disciplined. When seeking a degree in criminal justice remember that being a member of the industry requires a lot from an individual no matter what the career. If the above questions fit you and your personality, then seek your passion for justice out by looking for accredited online programs that fit your schedule.

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A Criminal Justice Degree Is the First Step to a Successful Career

A criminal justice degree can lead to a successful career within an ever-growing, ever-changing field that offers advancement opportunities as well as job stability.

After doing the standard coursework, the next step is to gain on-the-job experience through an internship. Law enforcement offices and law firms offer internship programs for students in order to provide them with real world experience and hands-on learning.

Entering law school after obtaining a bachelor’s degree presents an opportunity to become an attorney or legal advocate. Attorneys may work for firms, individuals, or work for the state and defend those who are unable to afford legal representation.

After multiple years of practicing as an attorney, one can then switch careers and become a judge. Judges are the highest point of the criminal justice system and preside over legal proceedings and enforce case rulings. A judge carries great responsibility and must have immense knowledge and experience in order to be successful.

A career as a police officer is perfect for individuals who want a more hands on approach. Police officers are respected amongst the community because they help keep criminals off of the streets. They also patrol communities to ensure safety. Protecting and serving citizens are the main priorities of police officers.

Earning a criminal justice degree can be accomplished online or by attending classes on campus. Traditional campuses provide classes during the day or the evening, five days a week, and sometimes even on weekends. Online courses are available at multiple accredited universities and enable individuals to complete coursework at their own pace and around their existing schedules.

Scholarships and grants are available for people looking to earn their degrees. There are also student loan programs that provide the funds needed to cover tuition and other school-related costs.